This is where we shine, when you need us the most we will be there to handle your claim. We will liaise with you, the insurers, assessors and repairers to alleviate the stresses and time to get you back on your feet again. We believe our role us insurance brokers is much more than simply designing the right product and placing it competitively. At the end of the day an insurance product is a piece of paper and a promise to compensate when you need the unexpected occurs.
TJL handles your claims in-house and will assist you through the claims process.

We achieve proactive and professional settlement of claims by:

• Utilising specialist claims managers and claims personnel
• Working as your advocate
• Where available, early appointment of loss adjusters
• Assisting with claim recoveries

Claims – basic rules/procedures

For claims, please follow these basic rules/procedures of which you should be aware. Adherence to these basics will assist in the effective management of your claim.

1. Advise us immediately of any loss or damage that you think will lead to a claim
2. Take immediate steps to protect the property from suffering further damage
3. Where the law has been broken the Police must be advised
4. Under no circumstances must liability be admitted for any accident
5. Any Third Party demand should be referred to us immediately.

TJL Insurance endorses the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice. To obtain a copy of the code, click here.