Management Consulting

Unfortunately, when you own a business, you can often spend too much timing working in the business and not enough time working on the business!

TJL specialise in providing expert advice to small and medium business that may have challenges with accounting, finance, management, staffing, sales, marketing and technology. TJL have assisted many businesses over the years with these processes through our unique mentoring and coaching.

Our Taree and Forster based business advisory service will help you make difficult strategic decisions and help you get your business back on track. We’ll act like a silent partner. We can provide you with a deeper understanding of your business and industry.

Our expert consultants have worked across a variety of industries and in diverse business models. Our concentration on Forster and Taree gives us a vast knowledge and understanding of the local area and local businesses but our expertise allows us to work well beyond geographical boundaries.We will work with you and your needs wherever you are and support you every step of the way, allowing you to focus on what you do best!

Business & Entity Structure Advice

A lot of issues arise in business due to poor business structure.

The business structure should balance between your short and long term goals and objectives, succession plans, prevailing taxation laws and likely future developments, accessing the privileges of limited liability compliance and regulatory considerations and business risks.

TJL can help you with risk management and asset protection to ultimately create an effective business structure for you and your situation.

Buying & Selling Businesses

Tony personally has a real passion for this area of the business.

In the past he has helped clients on both sides on the transaction in both simple and complex exchanges. We can ensure we provide you with the required commercial due diligence.

We will help determine the value of the business in question, analyse all necessary data, such as financials, and help negotiate the sale and purchase terms.

After the finalisation of the transaction, we will assist you with the processes that follow, such as management changes, culture management, business restructuring and general support with all business operations.

We have experts in succession planning, helping provide you with a smooth transition to exit your business and ultimately make the experience less stressful!

Business Planning

The staff at TJL in Taree and Forster can help you with the development and implementation of your strategic plan.

A business plan is essential to the success of your business. We have discovered that many businesses do not have the time to create a plan and this is where TJL can help!

We will work with you to review key performance indicators, help you to create a budget and assist you with options to improve your cash flow and ultimately strengthen your business.

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Financial & Performance Reviews

To ensure you get the most out of your business, we will help you through detailed analysis to guarantee you are on track!

We will assess the business to see your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

We will help you prepare and analyse both financial and non-financial data and reports and allow you to make informed decisions to help strengthen your business.